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The FCC requires you to get your FRN Number First

Social Security Number or FRN Number?


Some people are opposed to using their Social Security Number on Applications. The FCC will start
requiring a Federal Registration Number (FRN) on your FCC-605 in order to issue a Radio License.
Social Security Numbers are no longer accepted by the Laurel VEC Team.  

These instructions will show you how to create your own FRN in advance of test day. If you already have
an FRN; if you already have a license, STOP HERE! You don’t want two FRNs. It could delay the issuance

of your license. Just enter it on the application form.  If you don’t remember it, see the last paragraph
below to see how to locate it.

Having an FRN is now mandatory. 

Once your new license appears in the ULS database, you are licensed and can operate. The FCC has discontinued sending licenses to new Hams. You will not receive a license in the mail. You must print it out yourself.

Creating a Federal Registration Number (FRN) 

Before you start

  • · Have your social security number handy
  • · Prepare a password
  • · Be ready to record a Personal Security Question (PSQ / answer)
    • · Red starred fields are required
    • · Choose and enter a password
           Password must be 12 to 15 characters long, cannot include any part of your Username,       and must meet all of the following criteria: 1 lower case letter, 1 upper case letter, 1             number, and 1 punctuation mark/special character.
    • · Personal Security Question (PSQ)

Open a web browser.  Go to 
CORES (FCC Registration System) or go directly



Fill out the form.

Click on CREATE ACCOUNT at the bottom of the form.

If successful, you will almost immediately get an email from the FCC at the email address you sent with
a confirmation link.  Once you click on the confirmation link, you can come back to the CORES website and LOG IN 

After you Log In you will see a menu and you should choose 

Answer the two questions:

  • You are most likely an INDIVIDUAL
  • You probably have a mailing address within the U.S.

Complete the next form including your Social Security Number 
(or complete the reason you do not
have a Social Security Number) and hit SUBMIT. 

You should immediately see the following screen with your FRN Number 

Please print this page for your records.

Include the FRN Number on your session registration form. You may also want to bring your FRN 
to the testing session to verify it is correct on your license application.

If you have an FRN but don’t remember it:

Go to: and click on SEARCH. 

Then in the FRN dropdown menu select Name and enter your Last Name and click SEARCH. Use Advanced Search if you have a common name. 




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