Stockton-Delta Amateur Radio Club





DATE             1900 TECH NET                                          2000 CLUB NET

Jan 7              K6ODS Eric                                                  N6LHL Dave
Jan 14            N6KZW Paul                                                 KG7OR Ron
Jan 21            WB6BET Jim                                                K6AAN Mike
Jan 28            W6YNO Brent                                               N6KZW Paul

Feb 4              K6ODS Eric                                                  N6TCE Bob
Feb 11            KG7OR Ron                                                 NZ6Q John
Feb 18            N6KZW Paul                                                 WB6NVB Charlie
Feb 25            WB6BET Jim                                                W6INP Eric

Mar 4              W6YNO Brent                                               N6LHL Dave
Mar 11            K6ODS Eric                                                  KG7OR Ron
Mar 18            KG7OR Ron                                                 K6AAN Mike
Mar 25            WB6BET Jim                                                N6KZW Paul





QST, QST, QST, all radio amateurs. This is (CALL) in Stockton, opening the W6SF, Stockton-Delta Amateur Radio Club weekly net. This net is held each Monday evening on the W6SF repeater system and can be accessed on 2 Meters at 147.165 MHz and on 70 Cm at 442.250 MHz, both with PL 107.2.”


The Stockton-Delta Amateur Radio Club meets the 2nd Thursday of each month at The Amblers Club, located at 2000 Amblers Lane, off Country Club Blvd just West of Interstate 5 in North Stockton.  Meetings begin at 1930 hours. All people interested in amateur radio are invited to attend.”


This is a directed net. Please direct all traffic through net control. The purpose of this net is to establish and maintain communications related to Amateur Radio for the Stockton-Delta Amateur Radio Club. When you check in, please indicate your name, call sign, location and whether or not you have traffic and/or announcements. Stations with Emergency or Priority Traffic should break into the net by saying "break" followed by their call sign.  <pause>

"I will now take check-ins from newly licensed ham operators or operators who are checking into the net for the first time.  Please respond with your call sign, name and location"

I will now take check-ins from Club Officers:

  • President: John NZ6Q

  • Vice President: Mark W6SXA

  • Treasurer: Paul KC6RRR

  • Secretary: Eric W6INP

  • Call Sign Trustee:  Charlie WB6NVB
  • Member-at-large: Bob N6TCE


I will now take check-ins from members and guests with call sign suffixes beginning:”


Are there any missed members, or guest check-ins?”


(After check-ins have been completed, first - call on stations with traffic. Next, beginning with board members, ask each check-in for their weekly update in ham radio)


Are there are any other items of interest before we go into round table discussions?”


I am now closing the formal portion of the net and will open the informal round table portion of the net. Anyone with a topic for discussion please come with your call sign suffix to be recognized.”


Anyone else with a topic for discussion, come now.”


(After the round table discussions the net must be closed.)


"I am now closing the Stockton Delta Amateur Radio Club weekly two meter net at (time). I would like to thank everyone for checking in. Our next meeting is (date of next meeting) and everyone is invited to attend, whether you are a licensed ham or not.”


On Thursday night we have an informal 10 meter net. It starts at 2000 hours (8:00PM) on 28.457 MHz. Anyone with a proper license is invited to attend. This is (CALL) in Stockton saying 73 and returning the repeater to normal operation."