Stockton-Delta Amateur Radio Club



The Annual Run Against Hunger is held each Thanksgiving Day morning starting at the Banner Island Ball Park.  The 10K run is 2 laps starting at Banner Island around Weber Point to Morelli Park and back.  At the end of the run, participants come around the waterfront side of the Stockton Arena and finish to the beat of Buddist Temple Kettle Drummers.  

There is also a run for kids around the Stockton Arena building, a 5K run (once around the course) and a 5K Walk/Run along Tuleburg Levee and the Stockton Waterfront.

SDARC has supported the run with communications and "eyes and ears" along the course since it began.  It's one of our best attended public service events. 

Find out more about the Annual Run Against Hunger by clicking the link here