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Field Day is Saturday June 24th - Set-Up Starts at 0900, operating at 1100
JUNE 24TH & 25TH 

This Saturday and Sunday, June 24 and 25 is Field Day!

Ham radio clubs and groups nationwide will be getting on the air to make as many contacts on the High Frequency bands as possible. If you have a Technician license, or even no license, you can work the HF bands under the supervision of a person holding a higher class license.  


A number of Stockton - Delta ARC members voted to participate in Field Day with the Lodi Club. However, several of us will continue our tradition of operating under our club's call sign, W6SF, at Charlie WB6NVB's vineyard at 12990 DeVries Road, north of Armstrong Rd (near the Kingdon Airport) in north Stockton. The set up will begin Saturday at 9am, with the contest starting at 11am. The official ending is at 2pm on Sunday.


If you want to participate with us or have any questions or concerns,  please drop me an email at so I can have an idea of how many participants will be present and when they will be available  to operate with us.  We plan to run 2 radios Saturday morning and afternoon and start up again on Sunday morning. 


Dave Hardwick, N6LHL


At the May 2017 Club Meeting, the membership voted to join forces with the Lodi Club Field in an effort to put 9 transmitters on the air for Field Day.  Members and Guest are welcome to come out and join the Lodi Club Field Day. 


This years Field Day Event will be held at:

Thompson Ranch, 21030 N. Davis Road

Lodi, Ca. 95242




Here is the Field Day Schedule:  

Friday June 23 2017, @ 0800 we will be setting up tables and figuring out where the antennas should be placed.


Saturday June 24, 2017 @ 0700 we will begin camp setup, this includes all feedlines, antennas, radios, powers supplies and computer networks


Saturday June 24, 2017 @ 1100 our time, the event begins.

Saturday June 24, 2017 @ 1200 lunch will be served

Saturday June 24, 2017 @ 1800 Dinner will be served, also at that time, our raffle will occur. We will have some great prizes so bring your piggy banks

Sunday June 25, 2017 @ 1100 the event ends and camp breakdown will begin


This year the Lodi club is offering a meal deal, $20 for the entire day, it includes breakfast snack, lunch and dinner. Dinner is Da Vinci's catered in Lodi. Please sign-up in advance for the meal deal by sending Jim WB6BET an email at 

There will be a gas grill available should you decide to cook your own food. Water will be provided by the club. Any soft drink or adult beverage you choose to bring is up to you.


What you should bring:


Your own favorite chair

Your own headphones

Your own key

A warm jacket


Please be prepared to operate a radio, this is a ready-ness excersise and not a social event.

Remember, we are not competing with ANYONE except our score and performance over previous years.


Check with N6GKJ prior to bringing any radio gear.

We will be running on a Generator, so no high powered tube type radios will be used at this event.


Bands we intend to operate on:

160M (experimental)





10M (optional)



This is a fun event.  The close proximity to our own Field Day site will make it easy for club members to operate both if you like.  

Qualify or Repeal AB 1785 Hands-Free Driving Law re: Interactive v. Passive Devices Contact Your State Senator by Phone or Email today!

* Calif AB 1785 was passed in 2016 and went into effect 1/1/2017

* Among other things, by varied interpretations it effectively prohibits use of ham, CB, and commercial radios while driving. 

* The letter of the law is ambiguous vs. different or over-reaching interpretations of law enforcement officers and departments, and may or may not enforce, nor do so consistently. 

On May 11th, the bill passed the Assembly untouched. This leaves two chances to get it fixed - the Senate Transportation Committee, and a final Senate vote. If it leaves the Transportation Committee untouched, it will likely never get fixed.

Voters in CA Senate District 15 should call and register their opposition to the Transportation Committee chair - so we hopefully get recognized at their committee meeting to defend our position.

All voters *NEED* to call their respective State Senator - find them:

Share with them specifically: "Hello, my name is _________ from (city). I am calling to register opposition to Assembly Bill 1222, as it is presently worded. I ask instead that AB1222 completely codify the Author's own Legislative Analysis *and* the recent CHP enforcement memo. Instead, I fully support the amendment language of AB1222, as recently offered by the Amateur Radio Operators of California – group."

You can also email your Senator with the same basic language in the text of your email as:  "I am writing you today to register opposition to Assembly Bill 1222, as it is presently worded. I ask instead that AB1222 completely codify the Author's own Legislative Analysis *and* the recent CHP enforcement memo. Instead, I fully support the amendment language of AB1222, as recently offered by the Amateur Radio Operators of California – group."

Your support is needed today.

I am saddened to report that Life Member Shirley Rose, AA6K passed away on Wednesday February 1st.  Shirly had been battling cancer and had been improving at last reports, but complications from his treatment lead to his unexpected passing.  

Shirl's contributions to the Amateur Radio hobby, Contesting, DXing, and to this club and its membership are too numerous to begin to list here.  There were very few endeavors of the club that Shirl was not a part of.  He organized and contributed to the club's ARRL Field Day activities and acheivements for many years.  He was the W6SF Club Call Sign trustee.  He held this position for many years until he relinquished that position last year to relocate and be closer to family.  Shirl was an avid contester and DXer. Over the years he has shared his wisdom with the club through presentations supporting The California QSO Party, Contesting and good operating procedures in general and the DXers Code of Conduct.  

Shirl's family will be planning a memorial get-together with food and drink for his friends to get together and share their stories of his life and times.  This is tentatively planned for late July at his home in Stockton.  
AA6K Silent Key - Shirl, you will be missed, but not forgotten. 
73 SK
HamTestOnline - online courses for the ham radio exams


Located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains at 2500 feet, the club repeaters cover the Southern Sacramento and Northern San Joaquin Valleys. The call-sign is W6SF and can be heard on 147.165 MHz and on 442.250 MHz with a PL of 107.2 Hz. Club simplex frequency is 147.51 MHz.

SDARC also has a UHF repeater, operating independently, on 444.575+ PL 107.2.  This is a local low level Stockton repeater with the call W6SF.  As the project progresses, three receiver/voters will be installed via T1 phone lines and the addition of IRLP linking to other repeaters.  
TECH REP:  Steve - K6SCA
Coming Soon!

Plans are underway to install several voting receivers, strategically located on the 444.575 repeater (W6SF) in Stockton.  The addition of these receivers will sharply increase receive capability throughout Stockton and Lodi with the use of a hand held radio.  Check the repeater occasionally for the upgrade.


MEETINGS: Regular meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month at 1930 hours, located at the Bear Creek Community Church, 11171 Lower Sacramento Road. Members, guests and people having an interest in amateur radio are invited to attend.

WEEKLY NET: The weekly net is held each Monday at 2000 hours on the above named repeaters. Members and visitors are invited to check in. There is also an unofficial get-together on Thursday evenings (Except meeting nights) at 1930 hours on 28.457 MHz. Amateurs with the proper license are encouraged to particip

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