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At the September meeting it was proposed that the club extend lifetime membership to Shirly Roses, AA6K for his many years of service, elmering and support of the club and its membership.  President Charlie WB6NVB presented Shirl AA6K with his certificate of his Lifetime Membership in the Stockton-Delta Amateur Radio Club, stating "For your outstanding example of a Radio Amateur, your long term commitment as Club Call Sign Trustee, having held many Club Officer posts and having been an active member/participant/role model at our club events... 73 and good DX as you QSY to New Hampshire". Charlie/WB6NVB
                              COMING SOON!
                             51st Running Of The CQP!
1600 UTC October 1, 2016 to 2200 UTC October 2, 2016

W6SF will be on-the-air from the club operating site on DeVries Rd starting Saturday morning through Sunday afternoon.  An antenna party was held on Saturday September 16th to make sure antenna's were ready an in operation for the event.

Several members got to check out the "Go-Kit" of Rolo KM6BWF and operated on 40M using the NVIS Antenna (Near Vertical Incident Skywave).

Amateur radio operators provide communications support for, and participate in public service events on behalf of our communities. During and in the aftermath of disasters and emergencies, when other forms of communications are unavailable, we provide communications for first responders and Federal, state and local governmental agencies and non-governmental agencies, and to our neighbors when communications systems are overloaded or fail. Radio Amateurs contribute to the future of telecommunications as we participate in the development of innovative technology in this digital age. Amateur Radio is non-commercial, and we provide our services at no charge to anyone.

We cannot do any of these things, however, unless we can erect an effective outdoor antenna at our residences.

On September 12, The US House of Representatives passed the “Amateur Radio Parity Act” to protect the rights of Radio Amateurs. Now is the time to contact your U.S. Senators and urge them to support this important legislation. 

The next HamCram will be Saturday October 8th starting at 8:00 AM at the Comcast Building, 6505 Tam O'Shanter Dr, Stockton.  Doors open at 7:30 AM 

There is no easier or quicker way to get a ham license.

HamCram is for persons seeking their first license (Technician Class) as well as current hams seeking to upgrade from Technician to General Class or General Class to Extra Class.

Cost for the one-day event is $25 and preregistration is required.  Click on the HAMCRAM link to go to more information.  

Elmer University 

Elmer University is the opportunity for the new ham operator to discover the diversity of Amateur Radio and "Find Your World" 

The class is structured with 40 minute classroom and breakout sessions.  Some of the topics we cover are:

- Amateur Radio "Ham Speak" 

- HT programming basics

- Anderson Power pole connectors 
- Building simple antennas 
- Mobile installations
- Introduction to CW and digital modes
- Contesting
- Chasing DX
- Being a 'good operator'

Elmer University begins at 9:00 AM on Saturday October 8th at Comcast Building, 6505 Tam O'Shanter Dr, Stockton.  

Go to the HamCram page or click here for more information and links to sign up for the next Elmer University.  

Elmer University is free.  

The next regular meeting of the Stockton-Delta Amateur Radio Club will be held on Thursday, October 13th at 19:30 hours.  The meeting will be at the Bear Creek Community Church, 11171 N Lower Sacramento Rd - just north of Eight Mile Rd - in North Stockton. 

This meeting is important for all members as we will be nominating officers for the 2017 Board of Directors.  Members wanting to have input on the next slate of Leadership should have a voice - this is your chance.  

All members and guests interested in Amateur Radio are encouraged to attend.  

STOCKTON-DELTA ARC Members set up a public information booth Saturday August 20th at the 2016 StocktonCon Comics/Superhero convention at the Stockton Arena. We had very good traffic throughout the day and spoke with over 100 visitors about Amateur Radio.  

We had a great time explaining Amateur Radio, talking to people about getting into the hobby, demonstrating equipment and inviting people to the next meeting, next HamCram and Rally in the Valley.  

There was quite a crowd at the convention with over 5000 in attendance.  

We set up the club "GoKit" FT-857 radio.  Bob N6TCE brought his compact 40-meter vertical.  Ed N6XMA impressed a number of prospective hams with his "GoKit" as well.  

Check out some of the guest operators below.  

plan for the event.
As of May 9th, there are 83 participating Museum Ships including the USS Lucid here in Stockton. The
USS Lucid is a 173 foot ocean going Mine Sweeper built for service in the Korean War. You can check
out the USS Lucid and local efforts to restore her at: http://stocktonhistoricalmaritimemuseum.
HamTestOnline - online courses for the ham radio exams
Check out the video of John NZ6Q and 7-year old Sydney at the Rosie the Riveter Memorial in Richmond, CA.... CLICK HERE


Located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains at 2500 feet, the club repeaters cover the Southern Sacramento and Northern San Joaquin Valleys. The call-sign is W6SF and can be heard on 147.165 MHz and on 442.250 MHz with a PL of 107.2 Hz. Club simplex frequency is 147.51 MHz.

SDARC also has a UHF repeater, operating independently, on 444.575+ PL 107.2.  This is a local low level Stockton repeater with the call W6SF.  As the project progresses, three receiver/voters will be installed via T1 phone lines and the addition of IRLP linking to other repeaters.  
TECH REP:  Steve - K6SCA
Coming Soon!

Plans are underway to install several voting receivers, strategically located on the 444.575 repeater (W6SF) in Stockton.  The addition of these receivers will sharply increase receive capability throughout Stockton and Lodi with the use of a hand held radio.  Check the repeater occasionally for the upgrade.


MEETINGS: Regular meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month at 1930 hours, located at the Bear Creek Community Church, 11171 Lower Sacramento Road. Members, guests and people having an interest in amateur radio are invited to attend.

WEEKLY NET: The weekly net is held each Monday at 2000 hours on the above named repeaters. Members and visitors are invited to check in. There is also an unofficial get-together on Thursday evenings (Except meeting nights) at 1930 hours on 28.457 MHz. Amateurs with the proper license are encouraged to particip

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