Stockton-Delta Amateur Radio Club


The club is making a bulk order of ARRL Official 2020 Field Day T-Shirts, Mugs and Coolers. 

Members can order items now and we will be placing the order on Saturday, April 25th.  

Field Day Shirts are just $17.95 + $1.00 + $1.05 ($20.00) to cover paypal fee and the shipping of your shirt.  This saves you the $12.50 cost of shipping separately from the ARRL. Shirts will be available for pick up at the May or June club meetings.  

If you are not able to pay through paypal, please email and let us know in advance of Wednesday April 15th. 

Please complete the form below and follow the paypal payment link after you submit your order.  

Thank you - Let's have a great Field Day in 2020! 

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